Saturday, October 29, 2005


Health Alert: Blood Test Dangers For Elderly

A recent study reported in Science linked regular blood tests to several medical problems in persons over 65. The study divided volunteers into three cohorts (that is scientific terminology for "bunches") : those that reported no test in the last 10 years, those that reported regular annual tests, and those that couldn't remember whether they had tests or not. The first cohort had the lowest incidence of treatment for hypertension, cholesterol, and diabetes, as well as gout and prostate cancer. Most in the second cohort required treatment for at least one of these maladies, and often two or three. Those in the third cohort were uncertain as to their medical history. The sponsors said that further study was needed.

Friday, October 28, 2005


The Weaver of Raveloe

It is important to understand why we had to read Silas Marner. Correction, why we were assigned to read it. I seem to remember not doing it, but to be sure I googled the title and read as much of the plot summary as I could stand. I have to admit to some curiousity as to whether the skeleton found with the gold was that of the horse, or some other character. One of these days I simply must get back to read that, the summary I mean.

Anyway, back to the point. You were a control group for a secret experiment conducted by the authorities each year:
In 1978 the Anaheim Union High School District in California banned Silas Marner. Mr. Grim, Head of English at Union High School (Anaheim City) of California said: "We banned George Eliot's Silas Marner as it was the only way to get students to read the damned thing.

Coming next: a detailed explanation of the meaning of Ode to a Grecian Urn "Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard Are sweeter... We will contrast this with the pleasures of not having read Marner.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


IRS Manning Phones on New Drug Plan

OK, OK, that would be a joke too. Bet those of you that have ever phoned with a tax question got it right away.


FEMA Chosen Webmaster for new Drug Plan

Just kidding. But although the govmnt has kicked off the advertising blitz, the web sites are not ready. It looks like the Drug Plan Finder will be helpful when it is functional, but right now it "strongly recommends" you fill in your list of drugs, but then tells you that facility is "coming soon". Probably we should check back after November 15. The effective date can be January 1, 2006, so you won't want to enter the new year with a big supply on hand. We will have more to say about this, and the arithmetic, when the web sites work.

Monday, October 24, 2005


Lola, Anything You Want

Let's clear the air right off about my use of "by the Way..." for this editorial page. That was the editorial column in the High Lines, and I took turns with my co-editor-in-chief, Lola, writing that column. As luck would have it, the only edition of the High Lines we have on the site so far, is by lined by Lola. So just to prove this page is not just the result of some old high school frustration, Lola, if you want to co-edit this page, I will share. However, you better be prolific if you want to keep up. Also, I am taller than you.


Just Wild About Harry

I am here to state
I'm here to relate
To explain and make it plain that:
I`m just wild about Harry

A lot of the criticism of Bush’s selection is unwarranted, at least if you consider the short list he had to pick from. The New York Times reported that the list included “mom”, “dad”, and “Barney” and just a few other close friends. Not that I think that any of them would not have made a fine justice, but particularly in Barney’s case, it would be better to start with an appointment to a lower court, to allay some of the criticism regarding experience.

However, you have to admit that Barney's record is clean. No duck hunting with the VP, and so on. He is just not that kind of dog. Likewise, I don’t buy the implication in Marine Dowd’s column where she says “What’s next? Caligula’s horse?” At least in that case, the whole horse went to the Senate. Certainly superior to the current practice.


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